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From baths to boarding, we’ve got your furry friend covered.

I’m a dog groomer extraordinaire, and I’ve been wagging my tail in this business for seven years now. There’s nothing I love more than helping pups look and feel their best. I’m a total dog person, and I love learning about their quirky behavior and unique personalities. Every day I spend with them is a real treat!

I love dogs and learning about their behavior and how special they are. Dogs teach me something new every day I work with them. I love to see their transformation after a bath and how happy the clients look after a groom. I’m particularly paw-some with smaller breeds, and I even offer boarding for those who need a little extra TLC.

I used to work for other grooming shops in Austin, but it wasn’t long before my friends and family started barking up my tree, asking me to groom their pups. Soon enough, I had more referrals than I could handle, and I knew it was time to unleash my own business. And now I couldn’t be happier fetching new clients every day!

Our Services

Bath & Nails

Starting at $55

Full bath with gentle shampoo
and detangling conditioner.
Nails are clipped.

Full Groom

Starting at $70

Includes a full Bath and Nails
along with cutting and styling
of the dog’s hair.

Nail Grinding

Extra $10

Smoothing and softening
down the rugged edges.

flea shampoo

Extra $10

Medicated shampoo to treat fleas.
(Note: This will be an automatic
extra charge, if fleas are found
on your furry friend.)

Teeth Brushing

Extra $10

Our teeth brushing service for
dogs helps maintain their oral
hygiene and keeps their
breath fresh.


*Starts at $40 Per Day

This includes a full bath on the
final day. And at this time we can
only accept small to medium breeds.

Please call for availability a week
before you plan to book your stay
with us.

To reserve your dog’s spot on the desired date, a $25 deposit is required, which will be applied to your stay.

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A $25 cancellation fee will be charged for your next appointment if you fail to show up and choose not to pay upfront. Payment must be made in advance to proceed with our services.

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